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# Friday, June 24, 2011
Friday, June 24, 2011 11:08:03 AM (GMT Daylight Time, UTC+01:00) ( )

This Blog is not active anymore, further posts will be available on my company website. Read new posts here

Today I’ve officially released CMSImport 2.0, for those of you who don’t know what CMSImport is. In short CMSImport helps you import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco on a very friendly way. Just point to a datasource and add a mapping between fields in your datasource and the Umbraco  Content or Member properties. Currently CMSImport supports the following data sources by default (you can always create your own if you like):

  • Access Database
  • BlogML
  • CSV
  • Excel File
  • RSS Feed
  • SQL Server
  • WordPress Export file
  • XML

Access database and the Excel file Data source requires you to install the Microsoft Data Connectivity Components 

What’s new

This release is all about structured import of content. For example If you want to import a Product Catalog, you want to import Product Categories and Products. CmsImport 2.0 will help you with that by defining a Parent and child definition. Simply save the parent import definition and select “Create Child definition” from the context menu as displayed in the image below.  And you need to specify a Foreign key, that’s all!  This is very flexible, you can even mix data sources if you want to


Because CmsImport can import whole product catalogs it’s fully optimized to import ProductCatalogs for the Teacommerce and Uwebshop Ecommerce solutions. When you import BlogML or Wordpress data and you have Blog4Umbraco or the Blog starter kit installed You’ll see the Optimize for Blog4Umbraco/ Blog starter kit option. When you select this option, comments from BlogML or Wordpress will be imported automatically. Of course you can also skip this and Import Blogs and Comments separately.


Another major improvement is the Advanced Mapping feature. For each field you can add Advanced mapping options. CmsImport will determine the type of property and will give you some advanced options based on that type. For every property it’s possible to specify a default value, for some types it’s possible to specify more options. If you want to import Media it’s possible to put the media in the root of your Umbraco install and use the Advanced mapping options for a Media picker, or Rich Text editor to specify where to store the media in the Media Library. For a Media picker it’s even possible to select a default value from the Media Library instead of using a textbox.


I’ve also fixed the scheduled task functionality. In the previous version it ran 95% of the time. The other 5% it didn’t run because the Umbraco scheduler wasn’t active at the time it needed to execute the task, then one minute later the scheduler is running again but the scheduled task expired. This is solved now, the handler responsible for executing a scheduled tasks will also check for scheduled tasks that didn’t run at the requested date/time. if it finds an expired task it will run the task. To give you more insight when a scheduled task did execute I’ve introduced the scheduled task dialog. This reports when the task was scheduled and when it actually did execute. This dialog is  also reporting the next execute time.


Umbraco Deli

Umbraco recently released the Deli. The Umbraco Deli allows you to download or buy products from a single source. CmsImport can be downloaded and bought through the Deli. CmsImport Pro comes in three editions:

  • Single domain license
  • Server license
  • Unlimited license

For customers that already bought a CmsImport Pro license from my site. First of all sorry for the manual order process Winking smile Very soon you will receive an email with a new license file that you can use for CmsImport Pro 2.0.

Free edition

Of course the free edition still exists and it had some small improvements. It’s now possible to use Advanced settings when you create a mapping so you can add default values for each field. Checkout the feature comparison sheet for all differences.


Enough text, time for some video Smile

If you want to discuss if CMSImport can handle your requirements, I can always demo or discuss features via Skype.Contact me via email (richard[at]soetemansoftware[dot]nl) if you want a remote demo. Or if you just want to use it download CMSImport from the Umbraco Deli.

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